SEO Website Design

On-page SEO website design includes three pillars of support.

Your website will be built using Google's SEO recommended best-practices for the first two pillars, which sets you up for succeeding with the third pillar, your website content/copy-writing.

3 Pillars of On-page SEO Website Design

  • SEO Pillar #1: Website Information Architecture/Structure- appropriate usage, organization, and placement of titles, menus, categories, and content sections
  • SEO Pillar #2: Website Development- HTML hierarchy of page and content structure, URL structure, automation of content deployment
  • SEO Pillar #3: Website Copywriting- the textual content that has been written for your visitors and the search engines

Build your SEO website design by developing your website using Google's recommended SEO best-practices. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth: familiarize yourself with SEO best-practices by downloading Google’s easy to read  "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide."