Why Your IT Guy is Not a Web Designer

A row of various garden tools hanging from a fence

Would you use an electrician to architect your house? Both an electrician and an architect work on houses, and each is respected for his skill set.

I’m willing to bet, though, that you’re not going to hire an electrician to design your house because you understand that you need to use the right people with the right tools and skill sets for the job.

The same rule applies for web design and IT.

Web design is marketing, not "IT"

A website should communicate what your company does, who it aims to help, how it can help, and appropriately represent itself to the target market.

Good web designers are much more marketing savvy than your average business person.

They ask the right questions, interpret your business vision and then translate it for the target market to understand and appreciate.

Everything that goes on your website should align to a strategy, and a web designer knows how to position content to meet your goals, and the goals of your website visitors. It takes years to hone the skills required to do this effectively.

Harness the power of good design

The first impression you make on a user who lands on your website is critical. Your visitor needs to have a positive experience. Good design and marketing savvy converts users into inquiries, leads and clients. Bad design and lack of marketing savvy results in a loss of business.

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When it comes to your website or anything you put online that represents your business, get your web designer involved. Let your IT guy focus on what he does best, and let your web designer do the same. By making this smart decision, you can be sure that your efforts will yield success.

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