Authoritative website marketing resources

Last update, November 7, 2013

Authorities in their respective fields, these authors strike a chord with their audience (and you!) by sharing their methods, processes, and solutions that achieve their level of success and expertise.

Each resource is delivered in a manner that educates, entertains, and teaches you how to be significantly more effective—now.

(We don't profit from our recommendation of these resources.)

 Website Usability

dont make me think website optimization book

Don't Make Me Think

by Steve Krug

For those of you who do not yet own this book, buy it now!

If you depend on the effectiveness of a website in any way, the “ah ha” moments from this easy read will have you tripping over yourself to get your web team to implement changes to the website. Then, after you have cleared up the obvious and glaring issues, you will organize a planned usability study. You will start to approach website testing in a focused, methodical and effective manner. The insights and revelations will increase your revenue, significantly enhance a web team's effectiveness, and rally decision makers.

 Advertising + Marketing

scientific advertising book

Scientific Advertising

by Claude Hopkins

Understanding advertising and marketing is the key to website success.

He approached advertising scientifically, and trained himself to sell products by stepping outside of his ego into the mind of his target market (his customers!). He measured everything he did, and directly matched ad spend to revenue. He did it 100 years ago before the Internet spawned the easiest, cheapest way-ever to track and sell anything: Analytics + Pay Per Click advertising.

Hopkins earned $200,000+ per year… in the 1920's!

 Pay-Per-Click "PPC" Advertising

ultimate guide to google adwords book

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

by Perry Marshall

The most influential PPC advertising consultant on the planet.

The only reason we ever heard of Google… their Adwords advertising system. It’s essentially the only way they make money. Learn how to use the Adwords system to advertise to people who are searching right now, for what you are selling. Step-by-step instructions, advanced techniques, tips and tricks.

"How to access 100 Million People in 10 minutes."


google search engine optimization starter guide

Google SEO Starter Guide

by Google

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth: SEO Best Practices by Google.

Use this 32-page document from Google to quickly gain an understanding of the basics of Search Engine Optimization. You will learn how SEO website design is effectively incorporated into the full website design and development process. Understanding the basics will put you in a better position to make informed decisions about your website design strategy, and goals.

Google also has a great website Inside Search that explains how search works.

 SEO + Social Media Marketing

professional seo guide quicksprout traffic system

Quick Sprout Traffic System

by Neil Patel

Cut through the noise about SEO.

Capitalize on the step-by-step instruction and insights from a real-world legitimate SEO guru. Neil Patel instructs on all aspects of SEO including On-Page, Off-Page, and social media "how's" and "why's". He tells you exactly what he does to succeed with his Internet companies CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics both of which are used by the most effective and influential conversion optimization experts in the world.

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