3 Reasons to Consider a Text Only Logo for Your Company

Blue and white image of three different styles of text

You should invest suitably in your business logo just like you do for property and other assets.

In many cases, a potential customer's first impression of your business is through your logo. A logo can be a powerful tool for developing brand recognition, but that does not necessarily mean that your logo needs a fancy graphic.

A font only (or text only) logo can be original and immediately recognized.

An expert logo designer's arsenal includes font colors, weights, styles, sizes, variants, letter spacing and word spacing. These properties are enough to create a memorable and high-end custom look for your company.

3 Beauties of a Text Only Logo

The wonderful practicalities of a text only logo center on its simplicity:

  • Reproduction. It's easy to reproduce across platforms - print, web design and for any other business purpose.
  • Longevity. It has a longer lifespan and will not need to be redesigned in a couple of years.
  • Clean and professional. It's clean, sleek and professional.

Examples of World-Renowned Text Only Logos

Here are several examples of fantastic text only logos used by world-renowned companies that will inspire you to seriously consider a text only logo for your company.

10 examples of world renowned companies with text only logos

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