11 Signs You Have the Right Web Designer

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Not all websites are created equal because not all web designers are equal.

Before you hire a designer, here are 11 signs to check off to ensure you have the right web designer...

#1 — It's not cheap
You get what you pay for. A properly designed website will appeal to your target audience and convert them into customers — which takes a lot of experience, thought and time. The best web designers also have experience in business development. All this know-how isn't cheap, but the business your website generates will far outweigh its cost.

#2 — Marketing and conversion strategy
Web design is marketing, not IT. Your web designer should be someone with thorough online marketing know-how. That way, your website will convey the right messaging to your target audience to get them to trust you and taken action.
#3 — Copywrite solution
Your designer is prepared to offer you a copywrite solution. A leading cause for delays in your website project is creating content for your website. A good designer will be prepared with copywrite solutions for you in order to prevent delays.
#4 — Content strategy
Your designer emphasizes content strategy. The top goal of website design should be to have organized, relevant content, not beauty. The more organized and relevant your content is, the longer users will stay. The longer users stay, the more likely they will take the actions you want.
#5 — SEO strategy
Your designer builds your site using an SEO strategy. That is, the structure of your site, image names, Alt tags and other components of your site will be optimized so that search engines will know how to index your site once it's live.
#6 — CMS
Your designer uses a content management system (CMS) to build your site. A CMS platform will save you time, money and headache since it allows easy updating of your site's content and other built-in functionalities.
#7 — Scope of work
Your designer presents the scope of work that both parties have agreed upon. The scope of work should clearly detail all the work to be performed and delivered. This shows that your designer is setting the expectations of the project so that it goes smoothly.
#8 — Architecture strategy
Your designer delivers a site map and wireframe during the first phase of the project - before actual design begins. The site map and wireframe form the blueprint of your site and show that your designer is properly prepared to design your website.
#9 — Image strategy
Your designer uses appropriate imagery. Your designer will steer clear of using cheesy imagery that will make your site look cheap and silly — like the "handshake" image or the "headset hottie" image. In fact, your designer should discuss what kind of imagery should be used and why.
#10 — Regular contact
Your designer has regular contact with you to maintain the momentum of the project. A designer who maintains contact with you (phone/email) shows you that your website is a priority.
#11 — Project management
Your designer takes the lead on managing the project. This also shows you that your website is a priority. Make sure your designer uses project management software, a person to manage the project or both.

All of the websites we design and build include the 11 items listed above – and more. Contact us to get your website designed and built the right way the first time.

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